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    Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus ID

    Looking for first lipo charger.
    I have no experience with Lipo batteries or charger.
    Would this, Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus ID, be the way to go?
    Does anyone have any input, likes or dislikes or better options out there.
    Suggestions please.

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    There is plenty of more capable chargers out on the market, in terms of simplicity or "dummy proof" the traxxas ezpeak charger and traxxas ID batteries are unmatched. If your looking for a plug it in and hit start solution than traxxas is the way to go. I have one just so my son can charge batteries. Now, as you get more comfortable with lipo technology, you'll find yourself wanting a better system. To sum up, great for beginners or new to lipo. Will leave experienced users wanting more.

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    Bash, I'd highly recommend it. I bought one that came with a Traxxas 11.1v lipo for about $100.00 and I've been very pleased with it. I think you can get it with a lipo with less voltage if you like. It's very easy to use and I think once you start using lipos you'll not bother with NiMh.

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