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    Question Stadium or Monster

    With this new Rustler 4x4 , is it now classified as a Monster Truck like the E-Revo or is it still a stadium Truck like it's RWD namesake?

    Just curious what others think.

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    One thing to keep in mind is that the Stadium Truck designation goes way back and is set by a lot of official rules and limits due to racing - Many people don't even consider a 2WD Rustler a Stadium Truck just because it uses 2.8 wheels. So even the implication that something like the Rustler 4x4 could ever be called a Stadium Truck will automatically put a lot of people's panties in a twist.

    On the flip side, I think it's silly to call anything with such little ground clearance a monster truck. Big tires on a car doesn't make it a Monster Truck. It handles differently than a monster truck. It prefers different terrain than a monster truck.

    Really Traxxas vehicles are so well known in the industry that they make their own categories. It's a "4WD Rustler" and pretty much everyone will know exactly what you mean when you say that, even those who have never owned a Traxxas vehicle in their lives.

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