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    Steering Servo Short affect ESC connection? Upgrade Rec?

    I’d been having trouble maintaining the connection between my transmitter & ESC. It would seem to ‘forget’ and then I’d push it forward & back, jiggle some wires, do a little dance, and it’d suddenly start beeping & “remember”. Anyway, I was preparing to bring the truck on a trip & just ran out of time to troubleshoot the issue, so I dropped it at the LHS for help.

    The tech said the stock servo shorted out, causing the connection issue. I authorized them to replace them both with the stock servos (#2075).

    At the shop when I switched it on for testing, a terrible noise was coming from the front end. Turns out the 2 brand new stock servos they just installed had their gears thrashed. The tech insisted the failure was due to the stock servos being just too weak to manage my oversized 3.8 tires (3.8 Duratrax Banditos). However I’d been running those & similarly sized Hatchets for quite a while with no at all.

    Any ideas on what could be happening here?

    Either way, I figured may as well replace them with better ones....hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I’m looking at these 3...budget is tight, so I am wondering if the cheapest one from Traxxas could be fine...less torque, but metal gears....

    1) Traxxas 2075X Digital High-Torque Metal Gear Waterproof Ball Bearing Servo

    2) Traxxas 2085X Digital High-Torque Metal Gear Servo for X-Maxx

    3) Savox SA1230SG Monster Torque Coreless Steel Gear Digital Servo

    My requirements are:
    • No mods needed for fitment (similar dimensions/weight to OEM)
    • Decent amount of additional torque
    • Metal gears
    • Waterproof nice but not essential
    • Less than $75/ea.

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    I run dual savox 0231 MG servos. I stripped 7 stock 2075’s so I decided to purchase those from savox. With over 400 ounce inches of torque combined, metal gears, waterproof, bash proof, awesomeness, these things are a top recommend for me. Dual servos are always better than 1, because the load is split among them, and the gears are under less stress. They also run on 6 volts, no need to change your receiver. I highly recommend and have had no problems with mine, and the car now has about 40 runs with those servos in.

    Edit: that 2085x that you listed is a physically larger Servo than standard size. It will not fit in e revo.

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    Thanks mate - I hadn't seen this until now...I told the LHS guy to just throw in the SA1230SG ... he convinced me that going to a single-servo setup was totally adequate & what he runs in his E-Revo...I didn't argue too much about saving the extra $ I guess it can't hurt to try it out.

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    installed two ANNIMOS 20KG RC Servo Digital High Torque Full Metal Gear Waterproof,180° Control Angle. 18$ each not super fast but durable.

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