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    Charger made an attempt to kill itself...

    I have 2 ez peak plus chargers, each one charges one battery on my e revo. One is pretty old, one is very new. Only a few months. The super old one was always very loud, but fan never stopped. Anyway, I put some motor oil in that fan and it quieted it down a good amount (thanks wolfslash, worked a lot better than wd40 ), but it still drowned out the soft buzz of the normal new charger. Normal so I thought. About an hour ago I hooked up both batteries, pressed charge on both of em, and started to work on my center diff. A few minutes ago, I decided to check on the charger. The old one still making its noise, but I smelled burning. I put my hand on the newer charger, the thing burned my hand like an overgeared motor after a full run! And that’s plastic! Surprised it didn’t even melt!!! So low and behold, the fan isn’t even turning. (The fan was turning on my other charges, that was the soft normal buzzing sound, but this time had no sound.) I took off the battery, took apart the case, pulled both boards off because honesty I was curious on how how it was as the screws were burning my hands. My temp gun read almost 250 degrees on the hottest part! What the (bad word) man, these things are supposed to have a thermal shutdown feature! Or at least they have an error code for it, which didn’t come on!!

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    My guess would be the motor oil was way to thick and actually hurt the fan. Use light 3 in 1 oil or micro lube.

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