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Thread: Xmaxx diffs

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    Xmaxx diffs

    I've noticed all 3 diffs are very "loose" if I pin the throttle the right front spins and the other 3 barely receive power. They are all good, smooth only 1pack run . If I add thicker lube to "tighten" these diffs will it over power the drive train and lead to damage?

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    I don't exactly understand what you're asking here, but if you take your wheels off, increase/decrease your throttle, everything should run smooth and linear.
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    As far as I know, you should be able to put a thicker fluid in the diffs without hurting anything.

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    Increasing the viscosity of your diff lube will definitely increase the load on your drivtrain... but given the way you describe your trucks performance I think it's probably got something thinner than stock in the diffs anyway, or maybe no fluid at all. That's not the way the xmaxx should perform from what I've seen, although to be fair all I've seen are online vids.

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