Hello fellow mini rc enthusiasts.

I've owned the SST and Teton for a couple of years now. Over the years I've experienced joy and frustration with these little trucks, but overall they're quite fun. One of the prime sources both joy and frustration had been trying to get these little trucks to work on local turf track (Larry's RC, Sterling Heights, MI). I'd like to get them to work elsewhere, but Larry's is our main stomping ground right now. Once they're dialed in here, perhaps I'll try elsewhere. There's even a discussion of mini racing series here locally.

Either way my biggest frustration has come from tires and shocks. First the tires, there just isn't a great selection of tires for the SST and Teton. The stock tires do okay on the road and dirt, but they leave a lot to be desired. It's like driving on ice on the turf or even hard packed clay. Very little control and a lot of sliding. For the turf track I may have found a solution. Currently I'm using FOUR front tires from a Losi Mini 8ight buggy. They provide great forward bite and braking traction, but they are taller and cause the trucks to "barrel roll" a lot. I have good traction out of the corner to clear jumps, but I have to "roll" through the corners and take a very wide line. I'm going to try removing a few of the outside pins and retest this weekend.

Next the shocks. We all know the stock shocks leave a lot to be desired. There is a lot of good reviews of the Traxxas GTR's, but I just can't bring myself to spending $60 on new shocks right now. I've found that playing with oil weights and making sure they're always full of fluid has done a lot for the stock shocks. Currently the best results have come from 40W oil in the fronts and 20W or 30W oil in the rears. The SST I'm running 30W in the rears, the Teton I'm running 20W in the rears. These combinations have produced the best handling and landing so far. I'm able to jump everything at the track and not bounce down the landing ramp. It was really something to watch the little truck fly through the air, land and just shoot down the ramp. Additionally, for spring compression adjustment, shock shims for the Team Associated 18T (#21191) work great. I have one "medium" shim in the front shocks on both trucks.

My current setups are listed below. If it's not listed...it's stock.
Hobbywing Quicrun 16BL30 ESC
Hobbywing Quicrun 2435 (4500kV) motor.
Stock 1200mAh battery (NIMH)
Latrax Rally gearing (14t Pinion/ 54t Spur)
Savox steering servo (I forget the number...will look again)
Team Associated 18T spring shims (#21191)