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    Exclamation NEED HELP! Integy Big Bore Shocks?

    Hey guys, so I’m looking for a new set of shocks. I came across the Traxxas Big Bore ones. I heard that they are great, but I don’t really like the look of them. I also looked at the new Big Bore shocks Integy released. Are they any good? As long as they don’t leak I’m happy. I’m not a crazy basher, so I’m not worried about bending a shock shaft.
    Here they are:

    Thanks guys.

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    Integy is a bad name in RC, most of what they produce is low-grade junk with a pretty paint job. With that, Integy does make a hand full of decent parts, I have heard good things about their shocks, so for $28/set, they are likely a good risk.

    As are as leaky shocks go, no matter the brand, most of the time leaking shocks is the fault of the user not the shock. Over time, shocks will leak no matter what, and need to be rebuilt. But, if shocks are leaking from the get-go, normally the assembler is to blame. Make sure your use some sort of lubrication on the O-rings before assembly, running the O-rings over the threads of the shock shafts will cut the sealing surface and cause leaks, using a product like Green Slime will prevent this from happening. Also, properly filling and venting the shocks are key to good performance and avoiding leaking.
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    I don't know about the Integys but I do like the STRC aluminum shock bodies and caps. I am not hung up on color (bought whenever/whatever was discounted) but no more preload clips rebuildable (stock ultrashock parts).

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