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    Battery questions

    I have charged the batteries and after just a minute of flight time i seem to lose a quarter of the battery capacity. i think the chargers are using too high an amp setting. i have the base no controls traxxas charger that comes with the copter, and i bought a Traxxas 2970 EZ-Peak Plus, but i can't figure out how to keep the charge at 1 amp. i assume slower and lower is a better charge.

    Expended battery voltage seems to be in the 11.3-11.5v range, charged 12.5-12.6.

    and i keep hearing about storage voltage. if i'm flying every day do i need to use storage voltage?
    what is the normal range for storage?

    and lastly, the second charger i have has a setting for storage. I assume that if i have a fully charged battery it will discharge to the storage voltage?

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    It's best to charge just before needing the battery to fly , i charge mine the night before all the time tho and all seems ok

    3.8 is a good storage level

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