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    Question Drive problems/Stampede 2 wheel drive

    I am new to traxxas so I am lost here.
    I changed the gear that houses the clutch/because it stripped out.

    I put everything back together & now the right rear wheel
    spins fast & left is slow & lagging.

    What could I be doing wrong/and what do I need to look at & or fix?!

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    Do you mean when you spin by hand or when driving?
    You probably did nothing when changing the spur gear, as that 1 shaft drives the differential.
    It's the diff that drives the 2 wheels. You may just be noticing normal differences for the first time.

    Did you check the gear mesh after you changed the spur gear? Do the paper test.
    Trust me! You'll be changing that gear again real soon if the mesh is off!

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    I will look up th paper test and do that.

    But the problem is when I lift the truck up and start slowly pulling the throttle the right side starts but the left side doesn’t start till you pull harder on throttle. Also sounds like gears have more whining noise than it should have with current power output.
    Thank you for all the help

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    Make sure the wheel nut isn't over tightened. If you screw it down too hard, it won't spin as freely.

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