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    Need battery advise

    I'm fairly new to this new addiction of RC and new to the forum, so I'll give you a little background. About 3 months ago at 47 years old I got a wild hair to buy a RC car, had no idea what I wanted. So I stroll into my local hobby shop in Northern California and took a peek. Within about an hour I had a Rustler 2WD VXL and a Slash 4x4 VXL along with about every hop up, extra parts for 2 cars blah, blah... I'm not a sucker, I just do it all the way with about everything. So after replacing countless parts, a couple bodies (which was a ton of fun rebuilding) I now have 2 very fast and functional cars after finally learning how to drive. This is a little more than just a hobby, I am involved with a sprint car racing program and gradually I've been getting my 12 year old Autistic son onto the sport. He loves hanging out at the pits, but with his mind blowing mechanical/engineering ability I wanted to start him setting up and maintaining RC cars. Watching him setup shocks, weight balance etc. has been nothing short of amazing and I plan on starting him on the real thing this coming race season with the interest and natural ability on these little cars. So, that's what got me here...

    With that said, I'll pose my question...Initially I was setting up for higher speed bashing and jumping, but after refining our driving style we built our own track. Basically it's one 45 degree high banked turn, a 35' straight into a 180 degree high bank turn transitioning into a 40' straight then back around (My awesome wife's idea) so I'm not doing many high speed runs, but do need longevity. Right now I have 4 Traxxas LiPo batteries and 2 dual bank Traxxas chargers. By my own guilt, I pretty much didn't service or store the batteries properly so I've only gotten around 30 runs out of them and they are getting weak, swelling and not charging completely which an expensive lesson. The batteries I purchased are Traxxas 25c 7.4V 7600's. I know Jack Squat about electrical or how batteries work, but I'd like to learn. So, my question is...for the type of driving that I do, are my batteries overkill or just right ? We normally like to run them about 10 minutes before cooling them off, but I'd like to get at least 20-30 minutes run time total time before changing batteries. We run the motors at half power, full power blows them off the track ! So what's the balance of longevity and performance in my situation ? Also, I know this is a Traxxas forum, but are there any cost effective, but reliable options out there. Any Help would be appreciated and thank you in advance.


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    7600 is a lot of mah! They should be lasting 30min to an hour. Always important to maintain your lipos. The smc lipos are sadly now a hit or miss kind of thing. They used to be great but the quality has gone down recently. I recommend sticking with traxxas because of their warranty and dummie proof connector. Also, you were talking about cooling off, a temperature gun would be a good investment. Don’t let the motor get above 180 degrees f or the electronic speed control to get above 130 degrees f. Have fun!

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