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    Quote Originally Posted by ReglarGuy View Post
    If your cross pins aren't flush to the outside barrel on both sides you should call up Traxxas.

    Call up Traxxas and tell them what exactly? All they would do is send me the pins I have pictured in post #79 and chalk it up to a fluke that probably only happens once every 300,000 production runs.

    As I mentioned, I already fixed the issue and see no need to start a squabble over something that can be fixed faster than they could ship replacement pins.

    I have learned over the years with Traxxas products, you have to know when to bite your tongue and when to complain reasonably about something.

    Trying to prove to them that I had the wrong size pins (11.71mm) in every new CV shaft I received is pointless because, as I mentioned, it probably only happens once every 300,000 production runs and is something that just happens in normal production routines in all manufacturers that possibly overlook calibrating their equipment as often as they should.

    Was I mad about it? Sure, but it wasn't something that I couldn't fix not to mention fix better too.
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    I understand what you're saying. I myself, would call or put the short pins in a small plastic bag with a nice letter (I wouldn't squabble) explaining what happened, and ask for a new set. If it worked out fine. If not, that would be fine too. That's just me though.
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