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    Must have Upgrades

    Hey guys,

    Used to be in the RC game when the t-maxx came out, haven't done much since. Picked up the E Revo VXL tonight, already ordered RPM front and rear bumpers for better protection, but wondering what other "must have" hopups I should pick up.

    Feel free to link another thread with good info, otherwise I wasn't about to search through that many pages...


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    Toe links and push rods, the hub carriers by rpm arenít bad if you put them together the right way, some good lipo batteries. Those are just a couple things that I know of off the top of my head.

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    Congrats on your rig and welcome to the Traxxas forums!

    Things I like:
    Good 2S LiPos,
    Traxxas Steel Hollow Balls,
    Traxxas Aluminum Turnbuckles and Tie Rods, and
    Traxxas GTR Shocks w/ Oil and Springs of your choice.

    Have fun!
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