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    Considering buying a couple of Rallys - some questions

    Hi Folks,

    I'm considering buying a couple of 1/18 Rallys for indoor racing. My brother and I have a 28x16 track and we currently race Losi 1/24 rally cars, but they're becoming difficult to maintain and some parts are getting hard to find. The track might be a little small for 1/18, but we'll see.

    The 1/18 rally has been around for several years, and I'd be concerned if they're nearing their end of life for support and parts. Anyone have any thoughts about that?

    Running on the track, throttle and steering adjustments are critical. With the Losi cars, we've upgraded the controllers and can easily adjust min & max, and trim, etc. Are there different radio options available for the 1/24 latrax that would give us this kind of flexibility, especially for steering?

    Thanks! I may have more questions as I dig deeper.

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    I am not sure about availability, but you could use whatever radio/receiver you want.

    I will say that the Rally is a fun little car, I enjoy driving mine.
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    I love my Rally. I seriously have more fun with my Rally than any other vehicle I own and I have more than a few. It's no Slash in terms of parts availability, but I've been able to find just about any accessory I want for it. Keep in mind that you can still buy most parts for almost any Traxxas vehicle made in the last 20 years.

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