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    Thumbs up What motor to get for my rustler

    I have a rustler and I知 looking into getting a new castle creations motor and esc combo, I currently have the 31T pinion and 76T spur, I知 looking to get around 80-90mph range but still have fun on grass/dirt/tracks . I知 going to buy the traxxas 3s 5000mah and 2s lipos. If anyone can direnct me to the perfect cc motor for what I知 looking for I would appreciate it 👍🏼

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    Bump someone reply with an answer

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    Your are asking for a tall order man. To get to 80-90 mph on 3s would take some really tall gearing and high KV motor or sone very tall gearing. You are getting into the 4-6s battery range at this point. And also you aren稚 going to want to use this as a bashing setup as it takes a lot more then most realize to get to these speeds consistently. JMHO, I would get the CC 2400kv setup and run 3s and keep it in the 40-50mph range and be happy with that until you can step up to larger batteries and taller gearing. Which may take some mods to do so. JMHO痴.

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    You are wanting two different trucks here. A basher that can causally make it to 80 mph just does not exist, and certainly not with a 2S pack.

    If you search around you値l find that anyone who took their Rustler north of 50mph made a specific effort to do so, changing every aspect of the truck for speed and removed any bashing capability out of the truck.

    Tires: Passed 40mph or so they will start to balloon, and will require to be changed (XO1 tires), or modified (taped). Balancing is a must no matter which you choose. But, these certainly are not tires you bash on.

    Battery: No matter what, 2S just will not have the voltage to get you anywhere near 50 mph.

    Motor: Going fast is counterintuitive, to reach the high speeds you need a slower motor, one with lots of torque.

    Gearing: To get the speeds you want you値l have to get near 1:1 gearing (spur and pinion). This is not the gearing you bash on, your motor will go nuclear in short order.

    Suspension: To go fast you need you suspension to be stiff and low, opposite of what you want for bashing.

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    Asking an impossible question, demanding a response, and obviously not reading other threads, is why you池e not getting many responses

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