So I've been looking at tons of bodies for my nitro Slash, and the only ones that I think could possibly look like this...

...are the SC10 body (I'll have to cut about 2 centimeters from the bottom of the cab, along with adjusting the nose) or the Pro-Line Toyota Tundra baja truck body, combined with the rear of the Traxxas Slash body. I really want my Slash to look like that 1994 Tundra Baja 500 truck. I've found matching scale lights (red paint on the back is all I need to do), but not a matching body. Any other ideas with that?

Also, my Slash is a bit low to the ground. Like the rear tires are touching the tip of the fender (from the outside of course). Would getting the Traxxas GTR shocks with 60wt shock fluid (from Team Associated) help my Slash look like that 1994 Tundra? Also, what are some good springs to get with that?

I think the shocks that are currently on my slash are bad, as my Slash almost bottoms out when I set it on the ground.

Any other information/advice is appreciated!