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    3S lipo burned up ESC

    Need some help. Just bought a new battery, 3S 5000mAh 50c. Put it in my TRX-4 Defender and went out in the back yard to do a little crawling. Worked great then after 10 min got hung up on a rock, moved the TRX and then nothing, no throttle, no steer. then I hear that dreaded crackling sound of frying electronics. No smoke and no smell, but I can hear it. Quickly disconnect the battery. The temp of the ESC was 160degrees, 5 mins after unplugging batt. motor at 140degrees. I plug in a 2s battery and everything works fine. plug the 3s back in and only steering works, no lights on the ESC come on. And on either battery I can't turn off the ESC with the button, Have to unplug battery. WTH? Any help?
    After plugging the 2S in several times, now throttle will not work with 2S. everything else works(steering, lockers and hi/lo). When you plug the 3S in now the motor kicks in for a second then nothing.
    first time putting a 3S in my rig. the truck is only 3 months old.

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    Call Traxxas. They’ll help you out. Stock motor right?

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    What ESC is being used? You may have a bad cell in the battery. Have you placed it on a charger to make sure the cells are all good. If the ESC works on 2s then itís possible itís battery.

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    Sounds like the FETs on your ESC gave up the ghost. Highly recommend not plugging anything else into this ESC.

    If this is a XL5hv, give Traxxas a call. You should be able to run 3S with no problems.

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