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    See Above.


    Just wanted to say hello, Recently got into the hobby as a 38/M Loved rc cars as a kid but never got anything special always toy grade that broke a week or 2 after Christmas.. Been into this hobby now for maybe a month or so and I've already bought 4 different traxxas vehicles lol..

    First was the Bigfoot No 1 A really great fun truck but 2WD quickly showed its limitations in the northern Michigan snow, So I gave that to my brother since ya know.. why not.. and Bought the stampede 4X4 4WD VXL, And within the first 20 mins I had crashed it into a non moving object and pretty much destroyed the entire front suspension, So I waited on parts and finally got it up and running with the help of the LHS, who just so happened to have a Slash VXL 4WD in stock, and me being me wanted another car for when the stampede is down for repairs, which it is again...

    So today me being me having a broke stampede AGAIN decided im buying 1 more truck for when the other trucks are down and just cuz I wanted something better but not quite X MAXX.. So I bought the E-Revo 2.0 6S VXL 4WD Green body.. OMG I can't wait for that sucker to come in..

    Went a little over board and bought 6 X 7600 Mah batteries, 3 X 5000mah and 3 x 6000 mah cuz ya know.. LIPO! all 2S for now till I get more skilled at handling then i'll consider 3S + vehicle upgrades and such.

    Slowly upgrading the stampede tho so it can handle some of the punishing aspects of off road life / jumps, got RPM arms on the front (blue) and soon RPM (green) for the rear, Ordered aluminum shock caps.. that's.. that's about all I break so far so no point in upgrading past that atm.

    Got some new tires coming think the T-maxx style gonna slap those on the stampede hopefully.

    Anyway Love this hobby getting a little expensive but mostly my own fault lol

    Just try to watch the language. *s in your posts are a no-no. -ksb51rl
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    G'Day mate. The journey down the rabbit hole of rc begins.
    Have a blast and always remember they're just toys.

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    Right on fellow RC'er. Remember, buy, play, break, fix and repeat. This is a bad disease that is very contagious

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    Remember, buy, play, break, fix and repeat.
    Same goes almost with any hobby

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    This guy just bought more rc batteries in his one order than I have in my whole 10 years of rcing.. lol.

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