Just bought a couple of lipos for the 1st time ever, for my rustler VXL and am after some general advice re: maintenance and long term care for em.

I've grabbed these traxxas lipos;

- 3S 11.1v 6400MAH
- 2S 7.4v 10000MAH

I'm currently running the trucks every other day - if not daily, and have an ez-peak dual charger, which seems to take alot of the technicality of charging these out of my hands, which is ideal.

This is what i've picked up from reading through other forums so far, and would appreciate if anyone can correct any of my errors or add anything to the list;

1. Ensure low-voltage detection is always activated
2. If leaving batteries for more than a few days, either discharge or run them down before charging in storage mode
3. For battery longevity, when low-voltage mode is detected and battery output reduced, remove and charge the battery to full

And these are some random questions I have;

1. Will it effect the battery in any way if i charge it even if it's got say 75% charge left in it? Or am i better running it down before charging again?
2. There are a lot of safety warnings about storing lipos etc. I've currently got a tool box, with compartments that house the lipos perfectly - am i asking for trouble by storing these lipos next to one another in the box? It remains out of the sun, at room temp 99% of the time.

I think that's more than enough for now! Appreciate all and any feedback.