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    Stampede VXL camber link problem

    I was doing a partial conversion on my XL-5 stampede to VXL spec, and I noticed that the rear camber links have the ability to move and touch the driveshafts. I am afraid that it might wreck my rod ends and/or driveshafts. Any ideas on how to fix this? My idea was to remove the eyelets from the stock XL-5 steering links and put them in the VXL rod ends, but I'm not sure if they will fit. TIA
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    I know this is a late reply to an old thread, but maybe it can help someone. What I ended up doing to stop this problem is I took the shorter hollow balls from the stock XL-5 stampede steering links and I popped them in on the transmission side of the link. After I did this, I ended up turning one side of the rod end a little bit so that the rod end would not be able to turn out enough to hit the driveshaft and this fixed the problem. I don't have any before and after pics to show, but the way I did it seemed to work well and I have been running the truck like this for almost 2 years.
    Who needs coffee when you have a 10KV+ capacitor?

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