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Thread: Traxxasfest?

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    I'm going to put this out here for discussion. Just curious if Traxxas has ever considered organizing an RC event along the lines of Axialfest which would be open to Traxxas vehicles. This could be a multi discipline event meaning it could have several venues like say rock crawling, trail runs, short track, drag racing, etc. Judging from the success of Axialfest I suspect a "Traxxasfest" event, which would welcome aftermarket vendors to also participate, could become epic. I'm ready!

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    This would be awesome. The only problem I can see is that it would likely be in Texas.
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    Man, this idea has been floating around since the release of the OG T-Maxx. It would definitely be a killer event if Traxxas ever decided to host 1.
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    If they ever get Traxxasfest going, i'm in. I live in Canada and own 4 of the best Traxxas vehicles built. I would love to meet other people dedicated to Traxxas, especially the creators.

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