Just got into the rc hobby finally, been wanting to for a long time. First and only (until recently) rc was a 4x4 Datsun pickup from radio shack. I've always wanted to get into nitro, and a few years ago my wife bought me an old mrp 42" deep vee unassembled and missing parts. Long story short, decided I needed some experience before tackling something like that boat. Bought my first nitro last month Redcat Volcano s30, I know, I know, but the truck actually impressed me and as far as the quality of build I did enough research to know what to expect. I have caught the nitro fever and just received a used Slayer pro. Got it running and it is fricking awesome, imo. It has the sway bars, and I believe the slipper clutch has been changed. I am really considering trying it out at the local track next spring but, would like to know whether this thing will perform along side the more professional models or will I be looking for another model to race with. I have no interest in electrics, being an auto repair shop owner by trade I've had my fill of vehicles with more electronics than they need. I want the noise, smoke, and tuning challenge. Anyways sorry for the long post, and looking forward to becoming part of the rc community.