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    Second Gear Swap

    Anyone ever swapped a 4x4 Slayer second gear? Mine just seems to top out so fast it'd be fun to have a faster top end. Not sure what size, if anyone's tried after having the same opinion as me. I know this thread group is for Slash, but didn't see a Slayer section.

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    So you have a Slayer? There is a subforum for the Slayer and it is directly above this one.

    IF you do have a Slayer, did you get it new or used? What clutch bell are you running? How many teeth on the spur gear? What gearing is internal - short, standard or wide? Look at the Tranny exploded view. Stock gearing is 15t, 36t and wide. You could go to a 16t or 17t spur and larger diameter tires. That's about it unless you got it used and the previous owner installed a Revo final gear set.
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