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    Forced Updates - all the time?

    Seems every time I'd like to make a very tiny adjustment using the app, I have to go through a lengthy process of update after update, making a 2 second job into a 10 - 20, 30 minute ordeal, burning batteries. And then, when you think it's finally over, another one. This is terrible. It's an RC car, with minimal components, they can't get this right already? I just want a little expo. Yes, I'll have to start using the 2 button/ 1 LED deal.

    I'm just curious if this is typical. I've only had two Traxxas trucks for a little over a month, and have used the app 3 or 4 times, and every single time it's takes forEVER. I don't think this is any more convenient, or worth the extra money vs the 2-button menu system.
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    You don’t have to update the app. Only time you have to update the transmitter and receiver is after you update the app. Just don’t update the app unless they add something you want.

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