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    Getting ready to build chassis kit

    Hi there, my wonderful wife just ordered me a TRX-4 chassis kit for my birthday! I'm stoked to finally get back into the RC game after a long break. I fell in love with RC back when the first T-maxx was released (~year 2000). I got hooked and played hard for many years (T-maxx/Supermaxx, Stampede, Revo, Losi buggy/truggy, etc.). Mostly nitro powered stuff. Then life got busy as I have many other interests and hobbies and I sold most of my collection. I've always missed it and said one day I'll be back.

    I wanted a trail rig/crawler for a while since I think it would scratch my itch for RC, but it still didn't feel like the right time. Well it's time now. At least I think it is! I'll be clearing my workbench space and making room for an organized build. I thought I wanted RTR, but realized it's going to be way more satisfying to have a little project time, and I'll appreciate the finished product that much more.

    Anyhow, that's my story. Any tips/suggestions/comments about building a TRX-4 from kit or even just general comments about the TRX-4? I'm pretty sure I made a great choice and look forward to hanging out again on these forums!
    Revo 3.3, center diff, rear brake kit, close ratio gearset, red P2 tubes pushrods, single HS5645MG steering, Bowtie MT's on Maxx Velocity's, Tekno Wing Mount, H-ellfire wing, Airtronics MX-3
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    go slow, follow the instructions exactly. There were a few times i thought I was short a screw, but I just wasnt paying attention. front steering was one, dont remember others.

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