I have to give props to Traxxas customer service!

Months ago, I was out pretty late at night, around 8pm, at a park with my son, planning on flying my Alias.

It had been a while since we had flown it, and when we tried to link the controller to the drone, nothing seemed to work! My son suggests I try giving Traxxas a call. I told him he's nuts, they're not going to be there at 8 at night, but he insists... much to my surprise, on the 2nd or 3rd ring, someone answers!

Five minutes later, we've got the Alias airbound! We had simply forgotten how to sync the controller to the drone!

A couple of weeks ago, after not having flown my Aton, I took it out flying, and it flew great. The only trouble was, my 5000mAh battery had swollen, and the 3,000 mAh battery didn't give me much flying time.

Another call to Traxxas, and I'm told that if I mail my 5000 mAh batttery back to them, they'll send me a new one for 50% off (it was well out of the warranty period)...

I mailed the swollen battery to Traxxas, along with a note asking them to let me know where or how to pay the discounted price on the replacement battery.

Short time later, I receive an e-mail, informing me that a replacement battery is on it's way to me.... no charge!

3rd example: I (like an idiot) tried to fly my Alias indoors... it crashed into a wall, and broke a prop. I was able to switch it out, but now two of the propellers wouldn't turn on when I powered up the drone! I changed out one motor, having a few spares, tried powering it on again, and now that motor worked, but two other props wouldn't turn!

Called Traxxas, and explained that while I was able and willing to swap out one motor, I really didn't want to mess around swapping out several of them! My eye sight isn't all that great, and the wires and plugs in the Alias are REALLY tiny!

I asked them how much it would be to ship the Alias to them, and have them give it a once over, replace the two bad motors, replace one (mismatched color) prop and send it back...

"Just send it to us... we'll take care of it"...!

THIS is what after purchase customer service should be! In fact, it's really above and beyond what I'd expect! I would have had NO issue if they wanted to charge me a reasonable fee to "tune-up" my 2 or 3 year old Alias!

Just had to post, and give a big THANK YOU to a great company! (Along with making great drones and, I'd assume, radio controlled cars and trucks!)