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Thread: TSM Receiver

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    TSM Receiver

    Hi Folks I have an 3 receivers two are new and one is old, when updatein the new receivers which are Version 4.1.3 and it says to update to 6.0.48

    Tried updating the new ones, which keeps Saying Verifying (stage 1 of 2)... Then Updating (stage 1 of 2)...
    Then this will retry #10 times. and then will say "Updating firmware failed.Please make sure all devices are connected and functioning then try again"

    Tied old Receiver which updaed from Firmware version 5. Something, that was fine, and now has current version of 6.0.48

    Cars will drive fine, nothing is bricked with them.

    The New receivers just wont update and X-Maxxs will not work on the App as keeps insisting on the update.

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    See the post below this I replied to.

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