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    Destroying tires

    My LCG slash destroys the insides of tires. I can see that the rear tires have severe toe in. There doesn't seem to be any adjustment. I looked online and even new ones appear to have the same toe in that mine has. What is the purpose of this? I know some toe in is necessary but this is ridiculous. My rear suspension has been upgraded but the toe is coming from the lower arms and the way the mount to the underside of the chassis. Nothing I can do about that. It's all tight

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    You can decrease toe angle by switching hubs left for right. Not sure if stock plastic hubs has this "feature", but aluminium works this way. Tekno gives four rear hubs in their kit, so u have four angles option. Other thing is, on loose terrain stock angle (4,5 I think) works great

    ...but...if u destroys inside part of tires, it's a camber thing imo
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    If the insides of the tires are wearing it sounds like there is too much negative camber.

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    This will help with making sure you have proper ware on your tires or at least get them to even out.

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    Actually, extreme toe can wear tires on one edge faster than camber.

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