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    Cool Busted Diffs again?? I've got a tip

    Ok, So would you put the pedal to the metal in your real car from light to light stop sign to stop sign?
    Then just smash the breaks every single time you have to stop?

    It's the same concept for RC. I love bashing myself I've gone through quite a few diffs/ bearings/ A arms (before upgrade). When it rains I cover it in mud submerge it in water.
    Sometimes (when I'm planning to work on it) I literally try to bust the diffs lol, just running it hard nonstop on 3 cell lipo.
    That being said I know the initial stress of stripped diffs. It sucks.
    And yes you can shim the diffs and it'll help, but at the end of the day best thing you can do is control that trigger finger!

    My merv is currently taken apart it was so rusted from the last time it rained, I had just washed off the mud and put the truck away. . Yes, I abuse my merv bad. Sometimes when it's rusty and i want to use it I simply apply PAM cooking oil to the wheel bearings and in the tranny bearings.. I've even made "shims" out of a plastic card a few time's my diffs stripped and i wanted to keep running it, it worked for a few days till the plastic got shredded up.. Oh I Abuse my merv!
    Anyway ordering a bunch of long needed proper parts, and doing much needed maintenance..

    Another tip and I've actually read about it on a forum, would be to apply sealant to the bulkheads to keeping excess debris from getting in.

    Over view: I side track a lot, take it easy on the throttle, shim the diffs, and seal the bulkheads.

    I am looking forward to sharing my build with you, just need to get a new phone so I can take pictures. . I bashed it. . .
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    On a real car you can floor it from every stop and the differential won't break. The problem is these vehicles have too much power for the platform, and people add even more power by converting to brushless.

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    Power is fine on the brushed models it's the total weight of the car. I think.

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