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    Angry chassis and drivershaft problems

    any one break the tube chassis right above the rear axel? or anywhere else? I hope someone comes up with something stronger carbon fiber or billet aluminum just make the entire truck out of aluminum.... lol. not only that I seam to be going through rear driveshaft's often. about 4 or 5 runs. I don't like that there is no boot over the cvd joint there is no way to keep it lubed and clean. traxxas should have thought about that a little better

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    hey there! The best way to prolong the life of the driveshafts and the axle diff cups is to limit the downtravel of the suspension.

    On the rear of my UDR I flipped the limiting strap so that it limits just a little more. my truck is a lot quieter when I pick it up and give it gas (full droop).

    Once I started limiting the downtravel in the rear my driveshafts last me a long time.

    Have had a screw pop out of the roll cage, bent a piece of the cage, but not broken any yet.

    I have broken a slew of other parts.

    But... im jumping mine 10 feet 20 foot out, 40 times in a row lol.

    I think if you limit your down travel just a bit you'll notice a diffrence in drive shaft life.

    look at it this way, at full droop stock its binding, so when you go off a jump, it binds and slows your wheels = nose first. also at full drop each rotation does the most damage to the driveshaft, so when u tap the gas to get the nose up to correct a jump, your doing ALOT more damage a lot faster.

    Hope this helps! I love that traxxas gives you a 2nd one, I think they should do a segment on how to limit the downtravel further.

    I love my udr.
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    Limiting the rear suspension travel is working for me also. I've noticed no wear yet on the u-joints after 10 packs. I am using some 95mm limiter straps from Hot Racing. Previously i was only getting 20 runs or so before they wore out.
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