So i bought my son a 4x4 Platinum for Christmas and now ive got the bug. Since Christmas we now has 2 slash 4x4s and a M41 (waiting for spring time)....

Have been having fun messing around with these so decided to build one from the ground up- started ordering some parts and they have arrived.

so far ive got
-LCG Chassis
-Protrac arms
-XO-1 Caster/steering blocks
-Platinum rear blocks
-XO-1 CV axles
-RPM front bumper/skid
-RPM shock towers
-GTR shocks
-X0-1 17mm hubs
-RPM rear bumper / wheelie bar
-All grd 8+ Zinc blue dyed hardware
-X0-1 diffs

planning on a Hot Racing motor mount and plate, Castle 2200/ Mamba Monster combo

its funny how addicting these things are to play with!