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    Back from the dead !!

    I've always wanted to find something like this , and it fell into my lap ! I clean out rentals for work these days and I ran across a brand new bed left behind by some crooks in a hurry evidently , when I was loading it into the truck I saw a yard sale across the street , there it was a old a.m. radio tmax controller and everything , not amark on the skid plate and no melting around the body by the motor after closer look the motor was siezed but this thing had no miles on it at all , I no theses things pretty well and this thing is in great shape , I ended up tradeing the bed for it ! Nobody will ever convince me that Traxxas insnt the best customer service , they were great serching the archives for parts , getting a core charge on the new 2. 5 motor they found a brand new transmitter , receiver and battery box for it , total price for all that ,,,, $115 ! I cleaned it up and this thing is cool

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    Pics or it didnít happen haha

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