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    My all time fave...

    This is what my son drives.. will forever be my favorite RC. Started as a used Ultimate slash. Itís bulletproof besides bodies so Iím excited to abuse this cage.

    Ultimate Slash diffs with revo I beam.
    RPM A-arms.
    MIP X-Duty front & rear.
    Dynamite Fuze motor/ESC.
    Proline Mashers front & Trenchers read.
    RPM wide front bumper.
    VG Racing roll cage.
    20KG servo
    Traxxas wheelie bar.
    GTR Shocks front & rear.

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    Now that's my kind of truck, one that you can just go and beat the snot out of and you don't have to worry about breaking stuff too often

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    Is the cage suppose to replace body or do you put body on top or underneath and how much does that cost ?

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