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    What are the differences between the trx-4 models?

    I am thinking about getting a trx-4 but have no idea which one to get.

    What are the differences between the trx-4 sport, bronco, defender, and the tactical models?

    Which model is the kit?
    and is the kit a better choice?


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    Long WB (12.8") Models...
    Defender - Very detailed body. 2-speed Transmission, locking diffs
    Tactical - Hummer-ish body. 2-speed Transmission, locking diffs

    Short WB (12.3") models...
    Bronco. Has that very detailed body. 2-speed Transmission, locking diffs
    Sport. Basic body. Single-speed Transmission, locked diffs
    Kit. Basically a Bronco with no body, put it together yourself, comes with the electronics. 2-speed Transmission, locking diffs

    Really, they are all, for the most part, the same truck. The differences really being the Sport, which has a stripped down drive train. Then you have short or long WB. The long WB is nice, allows you to climb better, but it can't turn as sharply as the short WB models, and there are lots of body options for the short WB models, and only a few body options for the long WB configuration. They all come with the same running hardware, so there is really no difference there.
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    Are the short vs long wheel base models the same (adjustable? ). Or are additional parts required to make the short wheel base the same length as the long wheel base?
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    The only difference between the 12.3" and 12.8" wheel base is the length of the rear links and rear drive shaft. Chassis are all the same.
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