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    Body Options for ERevo

    Iíve seen some proline bodies.. but they are clear. Iím looking, for now, something they is ready to go.
    Iíll get into painting my own when the nicer weather comes around. For now, just looking for something to replace the original stable that is falling apart.


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    I got an old erevo nitro body that was already done up. It does have the hole for the fuel tank and a hole for the nitro motor, but it doesnít affect anything. Itís a truck body that I use on my Summit. Itís a bit beat up now, but here are a couple pics. The only thing I did have to do was to adjust my body mounts so it sat the right way. Good basher body and didnít cost me much.

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    It's a summit but will fit revo. It's fun painting your own

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