i am going to purchase an brushless rc boat/racer soon. i live 2 mins away from a state park w/ a huge lake and thought now would be a good time to read up on some popular rc boats and get some info.

since i own 3 traxxas vehs and all 3 have never given me any problems and are top quality i figured traxxas would be a good place to start which brings me to the Spartan.

the most important feature (to me at least other than quality) is if the boat will "self-right" itself if a tip over happens. i used to own a fishing boat which would come in handy to retrieve the boat if it ever became disabled in the water but i sold so i was wondering if it self righted?

2nd, is there a function or an "alarm" to warn you of a low battery condition so it can be brought back to you if battery runs low?( i`m assuming the traxxas app along w/ the tqi will show low voltage)

the only other rc boat i have looked at so far is a Sonicwake from H.H. that self rights.

thanks for your opinion / info.