It was likely my lack of patience reading through details, but I found my self supprised in some of the downgrades recieved with my brushed model.

When I read VXL ready I assumed most everything was the same as the VXL model, however that ws not the case.
With that said there are guys running 140mph on basic brushed model cars with the only upgrades of (motor, esc, radio system, and 4s LiPo)

Here is my list of differences to help others out shopping for a 4-Tec. It may be worth the extra $100-$140 to grab the upgraded model.

Servo saver
Steering bell crank bearings vs bushings
Adjustable suspension arms (toe, camber) vs plastic non adjustable
Steel center main drive shaft vs aluminum (soft/easily bent)
obvious VXL brushless system vs brushed XL5 12t 550
Higher speed rated tires
TSM stability control receiver with many more open slots for add on's
TX TQi radio (lets you dial in functions like steering dual rate through the second knob missing on the low end radio, which is very good to have when going fast)
Blue tooth capable on TQi for mobile app

Did I miss anything?