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Thread: RedRush1 Build

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    RedRush1 Build

    I have been out of R/C for years but purchased a Stampede 4x4 VXL for my 7 year old for Christmas. So far the rear shock cap popped off but other then that it's been flawless. It's gone into thermal protection twice becuase I hadn't vented the J-Concepts tray yet, but now it's vented and all good minus the motor getting slightly warm (160f).

    So far we've done:

    J-Concepts Illusions Overtray
    tra6893x Aluminum Bearing Adapter
    Proline 1186-15 2.8" Sand Paws on F-11 wheels
    tra3340 ESC Cooling Fan
    tra7461x GTR Shocks - Long
    tra7462x GTR Shocks - XX-Long
    Team Associated 40w Shock Oil
    tra7445 GTR Spring - Pink - Long
    tra7447 GTR Spring - Pink - XX-Long
    tra1747r 4mm Blue Serrated Aluminum Wheel Nuts
    tra5351 Revo Slipper Clutch Plates
    tra5352r Aluminum Slipper Pads

    In route are:

    King Headz Aluminum Motor Mount w/ Oversized Bearing
    Proline Adjustable Body Mounts
    GPM Black Aluminum Castor Blocks w/ Bearings
    Pre-Painted eBay Stampede Beetle Body in Black and Orange

    Next is:

    Motor Heatsink and Fan
    XO-1 Diffs w/ I-Bar
    XO-1 Driveshafts Front and Rear
    XO-1 Hub Carriers Front and Rear

    It runs great on snow but when it's this light and fluffy, and 2 feet deep, it just sinks in.
    Now if the snow would settle down we could actually run this beast!!!


    1: Anyone use the GPM Castor Blocks Yet?

    2: Recommendations on Motor heatsinks and fans?
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    New motor mount is in and it fit perfectly.

    Got the GPM Castor Blocks on and they're sweeet! Bearings for the shoulder screws ftw...

    Got the new body as well, for $20 it was a no brainer. The new body mounts make it fit on perfectly with the Sand Paws.

    We ordered the Hot Racing Adjustable Steering Bellcrank setup so that'll go on as soon as it arrives too.
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    Welcome back to the addiction!

    Looks like you have done your homework on upgrades.
    The P4de VXL was my first RC too, after a hiatus of thirty years away from the hobby.

    I use a Dusty Motors shroud instead of an overtray to keep debris and snow out, and have no heat issues even without a fan on the motor (2S geared 52/12).

    However, I do have a single fan on the motor just as a precaution.
    Any single fan/heatsink will do, but if you have high cooling needs a Wild Turbo Fan could be the one you are looking for:

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    Thanks Viking...

    I'll probably get a mesh style dust cover for summer months so that it doesn't get so hot as with the hard shell cover.

    I like the fan, now to find a decent heat sink for it...hmmm

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