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    Re-tap ? fix threads so i can tighten down screws again


    Is there any methods to redo a screw hole so that its strong again ? I have several screws that won't completely fasten. Is there any tips and tricks that some of you may employ to reinforce, such fill it with a resin and re-tap or i dunno, use a bit of plumbers tape ? (just made that up while typing this)

    Anyway, thought i'd put the question out there. As its a common occurrence for plastic screw holes to become a little worn after a few loosens and tightens.

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    I've had decent luck pouring some CA glue in the hole and then running the screw in and letting it sit in place for a while.

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    CA or superglue are a fix. I've used plumbers tape for the pivot ball retainer screws on my Revo and they have never loosened in eight or so years. I would consider it if I stripped another hole.

    Is it common? No, unless you torque down on the threads every time you tighten them down.
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    I've used a dab of Shoo-Goo (E-6000) on the screw and then screw it in to the hole. That has always worked really well for me. I've never had a screw come out.

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    I use the left over plastic/nylon stuff when you buy replacement parts (what's left after you twist the part off)... Shave a sliver with a razor that fits in the screw hole. The screw then holds tight!

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    I am with the other people. A little super glue on the threads of the screw you want to use will hold it together nice and tight.
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