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    Question Back after 15 years! Used to run nitro, just bought 2 1/16th E-Revo VXLs. Couple ?s

    Hey y'all! Been quite some time! I used to bash a heavily customized nitro T-Maxx and nitro Rustler, but gave it up when my kid was born... fast forward and she's a teenager with the summer off!

    So, I bought us his and hers 1/16th E-Revo VXLs!

    I am pretty sure we're just gonna run them stock for now... so I got 2 extra NiMH batteries and the parallel cables for longer run times...

    I've never run electric, so I have a few questions:

    1. Will running two batteries in parallel give me actually double the run time or will it be better to just run a single battery and swap them out? (seems like having 2 will even the weight distribution out too)
    2. How long is the run time with the stock battery?
    3. How long does it take to charge a stock battery?

    Thanks guys! I am sure I will have MANY more questions and some great pics and videos to share in the coming months. I missed this hobby! So glad to be getting back into it with my kid!

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    Welcome back to RC.

    I started electric went nitro then back to electric.

    The weight difference from one pack to two doesn't really matter on the balance of the car. The batteries are light enough . At least on lipos.

    Running them in parallel will give you longer run times. You can only do this if the batteries are nmhi do not do this if lipos

    The higher the mha rating on the nmhi batteries will give you longer run times.

    It also depends on play style on how long a single battery will last. I get about 20 mins a battery on my 2000mha 2s lipo.

    Run time all depends on what battery you have and play style. How long your on wot and surface playing on.

    I would recommend getting lipo battery's. Better all the way around. But does require a charger with balance plugs.

    Just get a fire bag for the lipos in the rare chance they catch fire curing charging.

    Lipos are have different ratings to also think of over nmhi. There is 2s and 3s batteries which means how many cells they have. 3s makes that car go faster.

    There is also the C ratings. 20c 50c to 90c ect. This is how much current they discharge. To higher is better.

    I've liked my smc batteries. Online order only. Tight fitting.. if order online make sure the size will fit the car. As there are a ton of different sizes out there... Look for ones rated for 1/16 scale and then double check measurements.

    Get a good charger that can do 2 batteries at once. That does lipo I also like a charger I can hook up to my truck 12v battery so I can charge with out having electricity. Normally AC/DC charger. It can also charge nmhi with a setting change.

    If run lipo in car from nmhi you have to change the esc to lipo mode. So it has low voltage cut off. As lipos don't like being discharged past a certain point.

    I find my run time to be about as long as it takes to charge one of my Merv lipo batteries. So with a few sets I can run as long as I wanted if I keep rotating them on and off the charger.

    Battery technology has really changed from 10 to 15 years ago. When nitro was really where it's at for performance and long run times. But now with brushless motors and lipo costs way down from then. Electric is where it's at vs all the extra work a nitro takes to keep tuned.

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