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    I need help picking parts for a upgraded transmissions for My son and me, rustlers

    We want to keep using our RPM rear bumper that our Traxxas wheelie bars are mounted to. I want to use Robinson racings extra hard idler gears. I want to use ceramic bearings in the transmission if they will last longer than the Traxxas bearings, are ceramic bearings going to last longer than the Traxxas bearings? I want to use a seal differentials. I want differentials that will seal 100%. The hot racing sealed differentials, has to have the screws sealed and both sides, so I think I would prefer to use the Fast lane Machine Seal differential, because I only have to seal the four screwheads and not the backside of the screws. Is there a better sealed differential to use than fast lane machine? I am thinking of possibly a lightweight aluminum trans case , But I have no idea which one will work for what we are doing. Right now we are using Traxxas brushless motors, and may upgrade to faster more powerful motors in the future. So I want to transmissions to be able to handle more power than the Traxxas brushless motor. Both of our rustlers are very close to exactly the same thing. Does anybody know what the differences are between the old Traxxas GPS and the new Traxxas 2.0 GPs? We use Traxxas RPM sensors, and do not want to give that up. I would also like to use some kind of metal spur gear. Is there a metal spur gear that is compatible with the Traxxas RPM sensor? I have been looking around at YouTube and all over the Internet for the answers to these questions when all along I should’ve asked everyone here because this is my best chance to find out. So I’m asking this question straight to the pros. If you have the answers to these questions I would be very happy I am thinking about using the RPM transmission covers.
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