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    Telemetry expander & Auto detectable sensors?

    I’m looking into adding temp & voltage sensors to my e-Revo 2.0. Wanting the cleanest setup possible. (I am pretty ocd with wiring setups). Can anyone shed some light on the actual setup of these sensors with the telemetry expander? What exactly is involved in wiring the voltage and temp sensors in along with this telemetry expander? I want to add the gps later for sure, but mainly I want motor temp readings and voltage. I already have the wireless Bluetooth link on my radio. Aside from that, it seems like I read somewhere that traxxas is working on releasing an updated version of the gps module soon? Is that correct? I don’t want to be invested in an entire setup that instantly gets updated. Also not finding a telemetry expander box mounting kit for the e-Revo 2.0 (e-Revo VXL brushless). Something in the works with that? Sure I could servo tape the thing anywhere, but I like factory install look. Hate to start spending and find out they release a simpler cleaner kit designed to bolt right in to my truck soon after.
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    Hi Im fairly sure the erevo 2.0 already has a mount position for the telemetry expander 2.0 which is awesome I installed it on the udr yesterday which also already had a mounting position on the chassis. Its pretty much, mount, plug in the relevant sensors to the ports in the unit, plug into your receiver the relevant connections which is clear on the instructions and connect your app via the traxxas link module and your set to go. The inclinometer will work great in the erevo too. I'll be adding more videos to our youtube channel showing off the telemetry setup I have done on the udr. Hope it helps.

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