So, just today, I got my motor, ESC, and receiver back into my 1/16 slash and did a throttle test just to make sure that the channels were right. however when I pressed on the throttle, I found out that the (brushed) motor made a kinda raspy sound. I squirted a bit of WD-40 in hoping it would fix it but it didn't. Im wondering if anyone around here knows what's happening to my motor? it's around 6 months old, maybe it's starting to fail? it still seems chunky so I don't think so. this is after around 2 weeks of fixing a connection between the ESC and battery.

can someone maybe tell me the problem? I can put it in the car and drive normally without hearing it. it only rasps around mid-throttle.

Thanks for checking this out, I would like to hear a reply. haven't been getting much support from here lately.