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    1/16 slash to 1/16 e revo conversion

    Hey guys, wondering what would need to be done to convert the merv conversion.

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    I can tell you that you need the REVO a-arms, I think REVO (tie rods?) and revo bodyposts and body if you want. and maybe some new suspension parts. i think they bolth are the same besides from those.

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    Also long travel suspension arms. Get some different tires, i reccomend proline trenchers 2.2

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    Here is what I am going to use
    MERV half shafts - 2 sets
    MERV front suspension arms
    MERV rear suspension arms
    1/16 Grave Digger toe links
    1/16 Grave Digger push rods
    MERV wheels/tires - 2 sets
    I will post pictures when it is done
    Edit: I will also be putting a goolrc 3300kv 3s motor and esc
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    I just bought similar parts (went with rpm arms tho) to do this same upgrade but also got 2.2 tire and Traxxas long arm rockers. I’ll add a pictures once it’s done. I want to make this change to gain some clearance and stability.

    Parts list
    RPM Front Upper/Lower A-Arms Red Mini RPM80699
    RPM80699 1 $12.49 USD $12.49 USD
    RPM Rear Upper/Lower A-Arms Blue E-Revo RPM80605
    RPM80605 1 $11.49 USD $11.49 USD
    Traxxas Half Shafts Left Or Right VXL TRA7150
    TRA7150 1 $6.00 USD $6.00 USD
    Traxxas Push Rod/Hollow Balls VXL (4) TRA7118
    TRA7118 1 $6.00 USD $6.00 USD
    Traxxas Rocker Arm Set Long Travel Summit VXL (8) TRA7156
    TRA7156 1 $5.00 USD $5.00 USD
    Traxxas Tires/Wheels Assembled Yellow Beadlock 1/16 Summit TRA7276
    TRA7276 2 $19.95 USD $39.90 USD
    Traxxas Toe Link Front/Rear Green 1/16 Grave Digger (4) TRA7138G
    TRA7138G 1 $6.00 USD $6.00 USD
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