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    Tsm, bluetooth link, slow steering

    Hi guys
    tomorrow I'm planning the first exit with the monster
    after reading the instructions and made small adjustments
    I only have one doubt about the tsm
    when I drive without bluetooth link application the steering quickly returns to the center even after the forward gear both with Tsm at zero and with Tsm at 100%
    with the link bluetooth on, the steering returns to the center slowly if the truck has been moved forward
    I read that it may be normal but I ask in which case the Tsm is active
    I set Tsm on smartphone and transmitter in the same way
    I have tried factory settings on the transmitter but it does not change anything
    How do your Revo behave and how does the Tsm work?

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    Actually have had the same identical problem ever since I swapped in my mxl. I simply don’t use tsm. No, it’s not supposed to work like that and it’s not normal. If I’m getting what you’re saying: the steering is normal at all times without tsm on. But when you turn it on, it steers normally until you go forward, then it gets all slow, but when you stop and wait it comes normal again. If so that’s what I call broken, just don’t use it.

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    I noticed the TSM sometimes gives me some issues such as not steering or wobbling. If without restarting, you turn it to max and to zero, then, you can set it the level you want and the issue disappears. Maybe it will work for you as well.

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    here I am guys!
    in the video you can see what happens to my erevo
    yesterday I made my first exit but I did not understand the Tsm
    turning a bit for the youtube I think that what I called an error is instead the Tsm that works
    so it works when I activate the bluetooth link!
    by doing this simple test you will understand if the Tsm works
    I trust in you for an opinion
    I wonder if the firmware updated to the installation of the Bluetooth module makes the Tsm work ONLY when the application is activated?

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