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    best rod ends toe link and metal servo horn

    guys this monster and a **** of power already with 4s batteries
    Yesterday I did a couple of terrible accidents worthy of Kevin Talbot
    I broke a rod end and I wonder if you can get stronger without for now to change the toe links
    moreover with a metal horn the steering can improve?

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    Add a flat washer to the steering spring. It will help some with the steering. Adding an aluminum horn will help a bit as well. As for the rod ends, there are aluminum ones that can be bought. Donít remember off the top of my head who makes them, maybe Hot Racing, of GPM. Stay away from integy, their stuff is just too soft and will most likely break easier then the stock plastic ones will.

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    Iv always stuck with the plastic ends that way if it takes a good hit they will come apart or break. Better than something else braking and only takes a min to change out. Sometimes im able just to pop the old one back on and continue running for the day

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