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    Stock VXL temps good enough or bigger motor ?

    I have read some hit and miss answers in various forums on this topic, so was wondering if there is agreement as to if the stock system runs cool enough on both 2s and 3s with stock gearing. This truck sure seems to need a 550 size motor for general bashing with the stock tires or larger IMHO.... is there consensus on a system priced less than the full 1/8 scale upgrade like the usual Castle 2200/2650 systems ? I'm in FL so temps are toasty and I would like to avoid relying on fans. Trying to find ideal gearing and ESC/motor for a stock setup on both 2s and 3s..... :-) Bashing on short grass and dirt, top speed not important to me.
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    I know racestar has some 1/8 scale sized motors, for not very expensive. I do not know how good their quality is though.

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    Running the stock system on 3S for any period of time other than a single speed run/pass or two is not recommended.
    Your best guide would be to use an IR Temp Gun and test test test on where and how you run.

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