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Thread: Summit cooling

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    Summit cooling

    Hey everyone, I am looking to buy a summit this week if I can find the right deal on one. What have some of y'all found to be the best way to cool down the motor and esc?

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    Never had a issue with cooling. As long as its geared properly for the motor in it should have no issue

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    Never had any issues with coping either. The Summit isnít really made for high speed runs. Itís a great basher if setup right, but as far being bone stock with factory gearing, I never had any issues with it getting hot. Iím not running the stock setup now, but when I did, I could run it until LVC kicked in and it was never hot. This was with stock gearing. Many people are now switching out the stock electronics for the castle creations sensored 2200kv setup. Makes for a fun truck I would venture to say. Me, I am running an 18v drill motor and an older MMM ESC set to brushed mode. Works well for what I use it for.

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