My brand new slash 4x4 ultimate (Part# 68077-4) So far parts are:
-Castle Creations 6.5mm connectors ( part# cse011-0068-00)
-Traxxas battery hold-down retainer front & rear (part# 7426X)
-Traxxas TMAXX Brake disc (part# 4964)
-CEN RACING Battery straps (part# CKR0406)
-Traxxas Bearing adapter, 6061-T6 aluminum (blue anodized) (1)10◊15◊4mm ball bearing (black rubber sealed)(1)(for slipper shaft) (part# 6893X)
-Apex RC Products (10) 5◊8◊2.5mm rubber shielded ball bearing (part# 1911R)
-Traxxas 16-T pinion, heavy duty (part# 3946X)
-Traxxas 14-T pinion, heavy duty (part# 3944X)
- Traxxas Slipper preasure plate and hub (part# 5351)
-Traxxas rebuild kit heavy duty (part# 5352R)
-Traxxas rebuild kit, GTR long/xx-long shocks (part# 7463)
-Android OTG Cable ( for use with Castle Creations App)
-Traxxas springs shocks, white (GTR xx-long) (1.004 rate blue) (part# 7449)
-Traxxas springs shocks, white (GTR long) (0.892 rate blue) (part# 7448)
-Traxxas Phone mount (part# 6532)
-Hot Racing clip on two piece motor heat sink w/fan blue ( part# MH550TE06)
Hot Racing velineon vxl-3s esc aluminum heat sink high velocity fan ( part# ESC303T06)
-Pro-Line Extended front and rear body mounts (part# 6087-00)
-Traxxas 52-T spur (part# 6843) X2
-Traxxas 54-T spur (part# 3956) X2
-Traxxas hex hubs, aluminum (part# 1654X) X2

So far thats the list of whats arrived and tomorrow starts the build. More parts are coming this week. Ill make sure every step of the way to share photos and info. Im looking forward to this build and all your guy's input.