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    Rustler Will Not Work

    I have my rustler, not sure specifically but it does not work right, when I turn the steering wheel it throttles it, and the actual throttle itself does nothing. Please

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    Have you opened up the box where the receiver is? It sounds like the wires are in the wrong places. The steering goes in either of the places marked #1. The esc plugs into the #2 position which the third place to plug wires into.
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    I agree with el sob. Also contact traxxas and see what they say. Good luck!

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    Do what El Sob said and you should be good.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
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    100% in agreement. Sounds like the ESC & servo connectors were placed opposite what they should have been. Humans make mistakes.

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    I'm new to the high-end RC community. My five-year-old son could spend all day watching Traxxas videos on YouTube so I bought in the rustler VXL. Ran great for weeks, through rocks, sand, shallow puddles.
    Question- I have lost all throttle after a session involving many puddles. Could the water have ruined my esc? My steering servo still responds the same.
    I took the box top off next to the esc and it looked dry. Can't figure out where my throttle went.

    When I squeeze the trigger there is no sound, no response at all. Any ideas??

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