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    Motors won't spin on one side

    I have to admit that I have cashed this drone a few times, it has earned the name "Rebuilt" on my last fight everything was going great till it fell out of the air about 50 feet. I broke the frame and couple props.
    I rebuild it and and when I went to test it the motors on the left side wouldn't spin. I thought "ok I damaged the motors in the crash" so I ordered new motors and put them in today, still not working.
    I checked the wiring-all good. I checked the circuit boards and didst see any cracks or burn marks from fried electronics. So I'm stumped. I'm starting to think that this could be the problem that made the drone crash in the first place. both motors stopped working causing it to flip over and fall.
    Any ideas?

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    Often broken connection on an electronic board can't be seen with the naked eye. When you looked at your circuit boards did you use a strong magnifying glass? I use a small jeweler's loupe like this: Harbor Frieght sells them too. You'll need a bright flashlight too or at least bright sunlight to illuminate the board. Move the flashlight around to light the areas from different angles. Carefully look at all the solder connections and traces on both sides of the boards. I can't remember off the top of my head if the Aton components are all surface mount. If not look closely at the little solder "dots" where component legs are soldered through the board if there are any. A failed solder connection there will show right where the solder meets the leg. On surface mount components, look for the solder to have cracked away from the edge of the component. Again, you'll need magnification to see these tiny cracks. Worse comes to worse, you may have to send it back to Traxxas for repair.


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